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Clean Sleeve Reviews

Brady - 

ProStokes Painting


The Clean Sleeve saves me so much time at the end of my day. After a long day, I hated having to clean my roller sleeves because there was no good way to do it. But with the Clean Sleeve, it's fast and easy. The Clean Sleeve removes more paint in one stroke than any other tool I've used does in ten strokes. Then it pulls out so much water that my sleeves dry in half the the time. Love this tool!


Buyer, Ace Hardware

I was excited to get these on our shelves. I looked through all the Ace Hardware catalogues and there's nothing like this anywhere. I can't believe there were no tools to clean a roller sleeve until now. What a great tool!

Jamie -
Manager, Sherwin Williams

I got a sample Clean Sleeve and set it on the desk to see what reactions I would get. So many customers picked it up and wanted on that I decided to stock the Clean Sleeve. Before ordering, I tried it myself and it does exactly what it promises. Cleans the  roller in seconds, pulls it off the cage, and takes out the water in seconds. Excited to have this tool on my shelves.

Leo & Vikki-
DMV Painters

Every painter needs this tool!  Makes cleaning up rollers much quicker with less paint going to waste!!!

Dustin -
Handy Hanson Painting

Great Tool!  Use mine every time I wash my rollers.  Every. Single. Time.

Antonia -

Got one for everyone on my team, it's a MUST HAVE in my tool bag! Total Game Changer!

Tinkerton Workshoop-

This tool is wonderful! I even used it on an 18" 1/2 inch nap cover. I applied BlackJack Eterna note silicone roof coating. It pulled almost all of it out with ease.

Tim Mc - Painter

If you're like me, you reuse covers, so this tool quickly and easily saves paint and eliminates the extra water you would need to wash that extra paint out of the cover. Multiple nap sizing is a bonus. Great tool.

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