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Saving You Time & Money

  • Removes more paint in 

  • Reusable

  • Requires only ONE swipe to pull paint from sleeve

  • Removes excess water, cutting drying time in half

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Gentle on nap; no pulling or tearing of fibers

  • Easy to clean: run under warm water or peel paint once dried

  • Small in size, this tool can easily be added to any toolbox

  • Made from certified Poly Ethylene, paint resistant plastic

  • Fits most common sleeves: 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 inch naps

How It Works

Two ways to use the CleanSleeve.

  • 1. Thread the roller handle through the desired opening (the sizes are clearly marked on each end). Insert the cover into the opening and slowly pull the CleanSleeve down, pushing the paint back into the pail.  Pull tool from the cover, rinse both the tool and cover under warm water till water runs clear. Pull the CleanSleeve over cover once in each direction, fluff, and stand to dry.


  • 2. Insert the end of the cover into the CleanSleeve and slowly pull the tool toward the roller handle. Once the tool hits the handle, pull the tool back over the sleeve, allowing the tool to pull the sleeve from the cage, rinse under water and run through the tool once in each direction to pul out water. Fluff the cover and stand to dry.

More  Benefits

A new paint roller cover is nice, but it is less efficient as one already worn in. A new cover holds less paint, so a user must return to the paint try more often. Furthermore, a new roller cover can leave lint on the freshly painted wall. The user must either de-lint a new roller or pick lint from the wall. Both are time-consuming and frustrating.

A used roller absorbs more paint from the tray, meaning it will cover more walls. The cover has already lost its loose fibers so they won't be left on the wall.

Finally, our tool encourages painters to clean rather than throw away, rollers. A roller can hold a large amount of paint, and they are not cheap; tossing them after every job is neither cost-efficient nor environmentally friendly. The Clean Sleeve makes the job hassle free, easy, and quick, taking the chore out of cleanup.

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