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Meet the Owners

Patrick, the CEO and President of PAAKLINE, LLC, was born and raised in Montana, USA. He is, without doubt, the funniest guy in any crowd, which is a good thing because starting an international company, during Covid, when the borders are closed, is no laughing matter.

Kimm, the Vice-president of PAAKline, LLC and the President of PAAKline, Ltd in Canada, was born and raised on the farm 20 miles east of nowhere, Saskatchewan, Canada. She is less funny, depending on who's in the crowd, but funny nonetheless.

The two attended a private high school in Canada in the mid 80's, where much mischief was afoot. Patrick and Kimm didn't see the world like everyone else—they were wildly creative misfits—they were inventors. Turns out, teachers didn't care and still expected exams to be written and projects handed in.

Fast forward thirty years, Patrick and Kimm reunited, retired, got a couple 3D printers and began making prototypes from their ideas (of which they have nearly 100). Patrick was a businessman and sold his business to take the adventure of a lifetime, running full force into the entrepreneurial world of inventing. Kimm, a career housepainter, put down her brush and ran along side, albeit slower as she is clumsy and hates running. As a team, they've discovered the best laid plans often turn into disaster, and have decided the best way to do anything is one day at a time.

They formed PAAKline, LLC in 2020 and have caught the attention of many incredible people with their first manufactured tool, the Clean Sleeve. They have numerous more projects up their sleeve, at different stages in the patenting process and some which will be revealed soon.

Inventing is not for the faint of heart, but if you can laugh between the tears and have a partner who holds you up when you want to fall and drag you when you want to quit, then you have everything you need to press on.

Stay tuned ... this story is about to get crazy!

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