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Acrilic Paints

An Innovative New Line Of Painting Tools

New Products



Saving You Time & Money

  • Removes more paint in 

  • Reusable

  • Requires only ONE swipe to pull paint from sleeve

  • Removes excess water, cutting drying time in half

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Gentle on nap; no pulling or tearing of fibers

  • Easy to clean: run under warm water or peel paint once dried

  • Small in size, this tool can easily be added to any toolbox

  • Made from certified Poly Ethylene, paint resistant plastic

  • Fits most common sleeves: 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 inch naps

EZ Mudder

These 2.2-inch square containers hold 2 ounces of mud and can easily be refilled. 


Specifically designed to fit a 2-inch knife, the EZ Mudder is a square shape, allowing the knife to dig from corner to corner, leaving nothing wasted.

These containers are made of heavy plastic, with a hinged lid, so it won't get lost. The lid seals tightly, meaning the mud won't dry out.

bag its.png

The Bag-It

For Sleeves:

So easy to keep your painty sleeve airtight, ready to use next time, with the Bag-It.

Simply slide bag over sleeve, pull from cage, (or leave on cage) twist the end and tuck it inside. 

Or Brushes

Each Package of Bag-Its contains 100 individual bags.


Customer Reviews

The Clean Sleeve saves me so much time at the end of my day. After a long day, I hated having to clean my roller sleeves because there was no good way to do it. But with the Clean Sleeve, it's fast and easy. The Clean Sleeve removes more paint in one stroke than any other tool I've used does in ten strokes. Then it pulls out so much water that my sleeves dry in half the time. Love this tool! 

- Brady

ProStokes Painting | @prostrokespaint

Customer Reviews
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